Road Barriers Systems

Drivers must always follow traffic laws and regulations to avoid accidents. To ensure safety of drivers and pedestrians, Main Roads Western Australia (MRWA) set guidelines on installing and maintaining proper road signs and barrier systems. All contractors must comply with these guidelines to protect the public and their properties against any harm or injury caused by collision or any other vehicular accidents.

As a well-established civil contractor, Erections WA! and its products stay compliant with all the guidelines and standards set by the MRWA and the local government. We make sure everything we install on the road or at any business premises are safe, durable and reliable.

Public Safety is Our Priority

We genuinely care about the safety of everyone who uses the Western Australian roads. The presence of road barriers encourages drivers to be more cautious and keeps pedestrians away from traffic. Crash cushions protect drivers and passengers against severe injuries in case of accidents. We also supply and install road furniture to give our roads a clean and stunning look.

Check the images below to see what else we can provide and install for you. Follow the links to get more information.

Entrust Your Project to Us

Allow our experienced workers and installers to take care of your next project. We use reliable equipment to complete the job quickly and efficiently. Our products come from trusted manufacturers, so you are sure that these meet all the standards.

Erections WA! is committed to providing quality and effective road barrier solutions to protect drivers, passengers, pedestrians and properties. Contact us today for enquiries on our services.