Handrail Perth

Erections WA! is committed to providing quality service to government and private clients across Western Australia. We invest in the right materials, equipment, technologies and training to achieve maximum performance and reliability for the safety barriers, guardrails and road appliances that we offer.

When it comes to pedestrian safety, we recommend, supply and install quality handrails in Perth and its surrounding areas. Erections WA! is also the leading provider of balustrades systems in Western Australia. Read on to find out how these barrier systems can help improve safety on the road and in commercial establishments.

Handrail is used to barricade pedestrians from drop to a lower level and to safety guide pedestrians away from traffic hazard. We know that pedestrians should not be at high-risk areas, such as highways and roads with high-volume traffic. Whilst pedestrian walkways on pavements are effective at keeping people away from danger, adding handrails can further improve safety. That is where Erections WA! can help.

Balustrade is designed to withstand imposed action arising from pedestrian and mainly apply to bridges next to pedestrian path.The barrier will keep people, especially children, from falling off the bridge.

These products come in different designs to suit any application. Whether it is for your road construction and beautification project or for your commercial building, we can customise balustrade systems and handrails in Perth to meet your specific needs. Made of heavy-duty materials, our systems offer optimum performance and will last for years to come. Give us the details and we will start the installation process as soon as possible.

Check the images below to view some of our previous projects. Use the links provided on the left corner of this page to get information about the other products that we offer. We look forward to working with you soon.

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