W-Beam Guardrail Perth

Guardrails have proven highly effective at reducing the frequency of road accidents and the severity of injuries. For many years, it has protected millions of travellers by keeping their vehicles from running off-road and hitting roadside objects. These barriers also reduce vehicular impact and prevent the risks of vehicle overturning.

EWA has supplied and installed a large number of W-Beam barriers for MRWA and major contractors. Our W-Beams are purchased from INGAL Civil and conforms to AS/NZS 3845:1999 and MRWA specification 603.

More about W-Beams

A W-Beam guardrail is among the most frequently used types of road barriers in the country. When installed in strong steel posts, this system achieves optimum resistance to impact caused by collision. It also guides motorists to the right direction of the traffic flow. W-Beams are typically galvanised to prevent corrosion and increase the product’s service life. These are ideal for roads with high traffic volume or for areas where vehicles have speed limit, such as highways or freeways.

How We Can Help

Erections WA! has been supplying and installing W-Beam barriers in Western Australia for many years. We have been the preferred installer for major contractors across the state. We have managed multiple projects in commercial, residential and industrial developments. We install W-Beam guardrails that comply with Australian Standards and suit any requirements. Follow the links below to learn more about MRWA standards and specifications.

Our team comprises of highly skilled and experienced tradesmen and we use well-maintained equipment to ensure high quality, fast and compliant installation jobs.

Let’s talk about your next project so we can provide all the road safety barriers you need. Call 1300 362 372 or fill out our contact form to get in touch with us.

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MRWA specification
MRWA standard drawings