Thrie-Beam Perth

Road signs and barrier systems reduce the risks of vehicular accidents and protect drivers and their passengers against severe injuries in case of collisions. Thrie-Beam guardrails are among the most effective types of road barriers available today. When installed properly and according to existing standards, these systems will keep our WA roads safe for everyone.

Thrie-Beam guardrails provide a high level of performance and protection, especially for large vehicles and high volume traffic. Due to the greater height of the rail face, these guardrails offer reduced deflection and improved resistance to vehicle vaulting, overturning or under running.

Thrie-Beam guardrail is essentially a combination of two W-Beam guardrails and is designed to absorb the shock of impact and guide vehicles in the right direction, so that they will stay on track. It is ideal for use in areas where additional coverage is necessary, such as highways and race tracks.

Galvanised and Reinforced

Guardrails should be durable enough to withstand the impact of collision and keep a moving vehicle from going off the track. Erections WA! distributes and installs high quality galvanised, reinforced guardrails that can serve as bridge barriers and offer superior performance in areas with greater concentration of heavy vehicles.

Our Thrie-Beam guardrails are:

• Highly resistant to impact
• Economical
• Available in different finishes and configurations
• Low maintenance
• Galvanised for a consistent and beautiful finish

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MRWA specification
MRWA standard drawings

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