Speed Humps in Perth

In highways or motorways, motorists can drive as fast as the speed limit allows. This is not the case in areas with high volume traffic and a large number of pedestrians crossing the streets. Reducing traffic speed is ideal to improve road safety in residential, commercial and industrial areas.

Erections WA! installs speed humps in Perth businesses, car parks, schools, shopping centres, factory complexes and other establishments. These are ideal for controlling the speed of vehicles, reducing the noise and improving the safety of drivers and pedestrians. We offer different types of traffic humps or bumps to meet the varying needs of our clients in Perth and across Western Australia.

Steel Humps

Steel speed humps are perfect for areas with high traffic flows, such as commercial car parks and industrial premises. Made from high-grade steel, these bumps are sure to last long and provide optimum performance and reliability. Some of the products we install feature a specialised design that allows for reduced noise and rattle. Our speed bumps come standard in yellow and black safety striping for maximum visibility.

Rubber Humps

Rubber speed humps are common in residential communities, schools and light commercial facilities where silence and privacy are important. These are also ideal for low volume traffic areas and for short-term use or installations. We install high quality humps made from either natural or recycled rubber. We make sure the colour, height, ramp angle and shape of the humps meet the Australian Standards.

We may also install one way access spike systems in car hire facilities and residential areas where car theft or illegal entry may be an issue.

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