Wire Rope Safety Barriers

Erections WA! is proud to offer Brifen wire rope barrier systems to customers in Perth and across Western Australia. We trust this brand for its unrivalled commitment to quality, efficiency, innovation and value for money. We use and recommend their products to government and private entities that need reliable road safety barriers.

Brifen wire rope safety barrier (WRSB) is available as a TL-3 or TL-4 system and is designed to comply with the Australia required four rope configuration. It has been approved by MRWA with NCHRP 350 TL-3 &TL-4 crash testing requirements.

Reliable, Efficient and Less Costly

Multiple crash tests revealed that wire rope fences from Brifen are highly effective at reducing the risks of severe injuries and fatalities. This is why many engineers and contractors choose these systems over other types of safety barriers. Ease of installation and low maintenance costs also make Brifen WRSB an ideal option for Erections WA!.

Brifen wire rope safety barriers are invaluable tools in designing roads worldwide. These are ideal for road verges, medians and dangerous stretches of highways. The cost of installation, repair and replacement is low. Made from heavy-duty interweaved wire ropes, these barrier systems work in three ways:

  1. Absorb the shock or energy of an impact during a collision (when a vehicle hits the ropes and posts)
  2. Contain the wayward vehicle and prevent it from crossing the barrier or deflecting back into the traffic flow
  3. Safely redirect the vehicle, thus minimising the risks of severe injuries and vehicular damage

Saving Lives is Our Mission

We think about the safety of motorists and passengers every time we install wire rope fences on WA roads. We use the right rope height and post spacing to meet the MRWA standards and maximise the performance and efficiency of the barrier system. Simply put, we do what it takes to make our roads safer for everyone.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and request an installation service.

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MRWA specification
Brifen standard drawings