Concrete Road Barriers

Road safety is a major concern for transportation agencies. In Australia, vehicular accidents are responsible for a large percentage of all the injuries and deaths reported to the authorities.

To make the roads safer for motorists, the government gives more focus on improving road infrastructures by installing concrete barriers and other types of safety systems. Erections WA! is proud to be Perth’s leading supplier and installer of road safety barriers. These concrete barrier systems can reduce the number of accidents on WA roads.

A wayward vehicle travelling at the speed of 100 kph is likely to deflect and cause a chain of accidents if there are no safety barriers in place. Concrete road barriers will effectively contain the vehicle and redirect it safely to avoid further chaos, vehicular damage, injuries and loss of lives. Other benefits of these systems include:

- Increased safety for drivers, passengers and workers
- Low maintenance means increased road availability and reduced traffic congestion
- Long service life (typically lasts up to 50 years)
- Recyclable and remains functional even after severe collisions
- Comes in space-saving designs
- High performance and reduced deflection
- Easy to install and replace
- Built tough for effective vehicle containment

Trust Erections WA! for all your road safety and traffic delineation needs in Perth and other areas in Western Australia. We will provide ideal concrete barrier options for your next project. Contact us today so we can learn about your requirements and provide the best products and services you deserve.