Safety Bollards

Safety and security are key issues for home and business owners today. Unauthorised access can mean costly damage to property and loss of personal belongings or assets. Installing safety bollards is one of the best ways to secure any residential or commercial establishments.

Erections WA! recognises the need for reliable building and asset protection systems, which is why we sell and install bollards in private and public areas across Western Australia. These products are ideal for restricting vehicle access and avoiding any damage to property.

Our Commitment to Safety

At Erections WA!, we put public safety on top of everything. We source our products from trusted manufacturers and allow our well-trained and experienced technicians to take care of the installation. That means we complete every job according to your preferences and the existing standards.

Choose Your Bollards

Our bollards come in different types, materials and models to suit light and heavy duty applications. These can be either permanent or removable, depending on your security needs. We will help you get the right products for your property.

Permanent Bollards – These provide 24/7 protection against unauthorised access.
Retractable Bollards – Can be manual, automatic or lift-assisted. You can lower these systems to provide access to vehicles during business hours and raise them when the business is closed.
Removable Bollards – You can remove these when not required and put them back in position whenever you want.

We may also source other types of barrier systems for you. Contact us today to discuss all the safety bollard options for your specific application.